We want to thank you for following our new blog!  

Joshua and I wanted to start a blog on our site because people often ask us what life is like living at the Mountain Rose.  Our answer is always the same - Amazing.  Of course you get a nice taste of it when you stay with us, but we wanted to be able to reach out to our guests even when they aren't staying with us.  We treat you and all of our guests like family because we want you to feel that way when you stay here and even after you leave! 

Choosing to be innkeepers has brought us such a joy in our lives, getting to spend our days together while hosting guests from all over the world is more than we could ever ask for.  We've heard the most interesting stories and met the most wonderful people.  I hope to share some of these stories (with permission) throughout the progression of this blog.

Stay tuned for a peek inside to our daily life, some of our gourmet recipes, local events and more!

Your Innkeepers,
Amy & Joshua